Guidelines of seat reservation, per seat rate in Company buses.

All the seats in the Company buses are manufactured with latest technology and of good quality so that the passenger does not feel any strain and the journey is comfortable. From April 1 in 2013, the Company management has bifurcated the seat reservations into four sectors as below:

1) Premium row - The A to D rows in the front of the bus.

2) Regular row - The rows after premium rows.

3) Semi economical row - Y row or the second last row

4) Economical row - Z row or the last row in the bus.


The fare per seat as below:

Company bus seat type increase/subsidy rate Maximum/subsidy rate

1) If seat required in regular row                      -                                Regular per seat fare

2) If seat required in premium row                 5% extra                Uptill Rs 500/-

3) If seat received semi economical row      2.5 % subsidy      Uptill Rs. 250

4) If seat received economical row                  5 % subsidy         Uptill Rs. 500

Tip: These rules are applicable only for passengers, who are journeying for more than 4 days.

Notification * Any passenger will get only one seat other than two seat group &&&&&&& and if the passenger wants a window seat they will have to pay additional 5% per seat rate (Maximum limit Rs 1500). However, the Company reserves the right to change the seat number without prior notification. (*All rules and conditions of the Company applicable)


*The facilities, rules and conditions of Choudhary Yatra Company Pvt. Ltd. applicable for passengers in India.