Rules for cancellation of journey

If any journey has to be postponed/cancelled all types of refund action is taken by the Nashik corporate office only even if the journey has been booked at any booking office of the Company. Hence the passengers have to apply the Nashik office for refunds. When all documents reach the Nashik corporate office, it takes 180 days for the refund. If any passenger themselves cancel the journey they will have to write to the Nashik office. After receiving the application at the Nashik corporate office, the Company will deduct flight, hotel, railway etc of the journey from the SRA total amount and per seat document charges of Rs 50/- and out of the remaining amount, the below given cancellation charges- three amounts would be deducted and the refund would be given.

Date of the booked journey              Deductions     Refunds

1) If 31 or more days remaining         35%                      65%

2) Between 0 to 30 days                        100%                    Nil


Date of postponement before journey         Deductions     Min amount

1) 21 or more days                                                      5%                        200/-

2) 11 to 20 days                                                            7.5%                     300/-

3) 3 to 10 days                                                               10%                      500/-

4) 0 to 2 days                                                                 25%                      1000/-


If a journey has to be postponed 35 % of the total SRA should remain mandatorily deposited with the Company.

For cancellation of foreign journeys, as per circumstances the cost of visa, flight ticket etc will be deducted and refund rules and period will be as per this booklet.