*The facilities, rules and conditions of Choudhary Yatra Company Pvt. Ltd. applicable for passengers in India.


A) Accommodation arrangement in hotel/independent room during journey.

The accommodation arrangement in hotel/independent room as in the declared seat fare is within 50 km area of the halting area &&&&. If a family has 2/3/4 members they will have to stay in the same room. The passengers will be given accommodation in the building at the halt area or nearby building on any floor. However the room rates may not not be similar. Hence, the passengers will have to accept the rooms given. The rooms will not have included facilities like TV, cooler, heater or AC. Sometimes during the journey for one or two nights, the passengers will have to stay at Devasthan Trust yatra nivas/guest house/bhakta nivas/lodge/dharmashala/ordinary hotel with familes getting double bedroom with attached bathroom or at some places having cot system or some instances without bed or attached bathroom. But in such instances the difference is not returned because the per seat is calculated on that basis.


B) For common/collective arrangements during journey

Arrangements of common/collective accommodation of passengers during journey are made in yatri nivas/Devasthan Trust's Bhakti Nivas/Dharmashala/marriage halls etc in a big hall on any floor, verandas, collective/common accommodation, common bathroom/toilet. The arrangements are made in a single building in the halting place or in a different building, which is available.


C) For passengers of AC vehicles.

1) The Company arranges AC services from the first siteseeing/darshan site till the last siteseeing/darshan site or as given in the daily programme. The concerned coach does not have a TV. During the journey any AC vehicle with less or more seats are plied. If a smaller vehicle with less number of seats is used the seat number can change and it is compulsary for the passenger to accept the accept the number given by the tour manager.


D) For non AC passengers.

City siteseeing arrangements are made in 3x2 buses, jeeps, small vehicle etc. due to which seat numbers can change and the seat number allotted to the passenger at the time of booking, is not given. The passengers have to sit anywhere, front or back in the concerned vehicle. However the journey is very less. The seats of buses used for Haridwar to Badrinath, Yamunotri, Gangotri journeys are less than the Company buses. Hence the Company does not give seat arrangements in those buses and the passengers will have to travel on the seats allotted by the tour manager. None of the vehicles have AC, TV, Video, pushback systems. For Sleeper Vehicles - During daytime travel, the top berth passenger will be authorised to sit on the lower berth and at that time the lower berth passenger will be authorised to sleep on the top berth. Passengers on any birth will not be allowed to object. If any passenger refuses it, they will have to give 10 percent extra per seat fare. If a third seat is included in two berths, the passenger will have to give 75 % of the fare per seat and that passenger will not get independent mattress in a room. If a journey is arranged in a sleeper coach and if in special circumstances, a seater bus or smaller vehicle is used, the passengers will get refund of 5 percent of their fare with maximum ceiling of Rs 500 per seat. If a passenger wants a lower birth in sleeper coach, they will have to give additional Rs 500 per seat and if upper birth is taken, a subsidy of Rs 500 will be given.


E) For local siteseeing during the journey, where it has been announced that the Company will be using jeeps, Sumo, mini bus or small vehicles, the passengers travelling in the front of the rickshaw, jeep, Sumo, Max, mini bus or small vehicle, will have to travel in the back on the return journey. Is siteseeing some local sites, the Company has included common fare of 10 passengers in a common jeep. However is less than 10 persons sit in the vehicle, they will have to pay the passenger fares of the excluded passengers. Eg. the combined fare of 10 persons in a jeep is Rs 2000/- so the Company will pay Rs 200/- per passenger. But if 6 out of 10 persons sit in a jeep, the fare of  4 other passengers at Rs 200/- per seat totaling Rs 800/- will have to be paid by the persons sitting in the jeep. Furthermore, if the passengers sitting in the front refuse to sit in the back later, and other passengers do not sit, the sitting passengers will have to pay the fare of the passengers who did not sit.


F) Important notifications for all passengers:

In those journeys arranged to Badrinath, Gaurikund, && Sainachetty &&, Gangotri, && Kufri &&, Rohtang Pass,  Siligudi, Gangtok, Darjeeling, Port Blair site seeing sites, the Company has arranged other non AC vehicles other than its buses and the cost has been included in the per seat fare. However as these mini buses, Sumo, jeep etc are smaller in comparison to the Company vehicles, the passengers will have to adjust and sit in the back seats.

2) If due to any reason, the flight/railway is cancelled, the passengers will have to pay for their food, travel and accommodation. The Company will receive the refund on the cancelled tickets less the cancellation charges. The amount received by the Company will be returned by cheque to you. However, if the flight to a destination is cancelled, the passengers will have to bear the travel charges  to the said destination by train or other means.

3) In only Hotel Yatra No 1 to 80, the siteseeing of Ramoji Film City is arranged and the entrance fee is included in the per seat fare.

 4) Nashik is the main yatra site and all accommodations at Nashik are of collective/common arrangements. Passengers who have arrangements for separate rooms and do not like common accommodation, will have to pay the separate room charges.

5) The rules, regulations, facilities elaborated in this information booklet, and also the oral and written information of rules, regulations, facilities given by the directors in the Central Office of the Company will be applicable. Other than the directors, no other rules, regulations, facilities informed by any other person will be applicable.

6) The Company will not be responsible if a darshan/siteseeing at a planned site is not possible due to - political instability, Maowadi/Naxalite incident, natural/unnatural disaster, vehicle breakdown, morcha, rasta roko, local fair/utsav, due to sudden crowds at the given site, if tickets not available, sickness of a passenger, personal difficulties, if more time is used up for visiting other sites, if time is spent at other places, if the darshan/siteseeing of a given site/Mandir is not completed within time as instructed by the tour manager, if the concerned is closed on that particular day, if any Government permit is not available, or any other reason. Under such circumstances, the the Company vehicles and passengers will not stop at the site and the passengers will have to travel as per the programme schedule and the passengers will not get any compensation/amount from the Company, please note.


H) Facilities not included in the per seat fare:

1) Any other facility not noted in the Company instruction booklet, reservation application or in the daily programme schedule.

2) From the first siteseeing till the last siteseeing the railway, flight, ship travel's tea, snacks, food, furthermore, to and from from the railway station, airport, bus parking till the accommodation the coolie charges, not fulfilling of other regulations of railways/flight by the passengers despite having ticket the passengers will have to pay the fine charges.

3) All personal expenditure like mineral water, medicines, Ac charges, other vehicle/auto/taxi arrangements to a given site, if the Company vehicle is not allowed, also religious rites, alms, entrance fee tickets, boating, ropeway, horse, doli, kandi-dandi, rickshaw, coolie, hamali, laundry, telephone, extra cost for accommodation due to breakdown of Company vehicle or natural/unnatural disasters, if railway or flight is cancelled, if eating at other places instead of partaking of Company food, tea, snacks expenditure etc.


I) Regulations of food during journey:

1) Generally accommodation arrangements of passengers are made at more than one place. However as there is a single catering team for one journey, the food is prepared at a single location and hence, passengers located at different places will have to come to the common dining place at their own cost. The passengers have to come within the stipulated period. If a passenger does not come within the stipulated period or if they eat elsewhere, the Company will not reimburse the cost. No food/snacks are given by the Company after 10 PM. The passengers should note this and not harass the Company employees for food after this stated time.

2) The passengers will have to bear the cost to reach the location where the Company bus starts its journey or the railway station from where the train is scheduled.

5) If any passenger from Kolhapur wants to go till Pune railway station, they will get ordinary bus fare from Kolhapur till Pune. Passengers will have to pay the rickshaw or other cost while coming from home till the spot where the Kolhapur bus leaves and the rickshaw and other cost to the Pune railway station from the spot in Pune where the bus stops.

6) For every journey, there is one tour manager, who has to keep an eye on the accommodation of the passengers, food and disaster management. Most of the siteseeing is conducted through the Company buses. However at some places, other modes of travel like - small vehicles, rickshaw, horses, doli, walking have to be used. Under such circumstances, it is not possible for the tour manager to go along with the passengers for siteseeing, especially in places like Vaishnodevi, Amarnath, Kedarnath, Girnare, Yamunotri etc most of the travel is by walking, horses, doli and helicopter. Hence it should be clearly noted that the tour manager does not accompany the passengers.

7) The seat numbers in the bus are as per the chart shown to the passengers in the office. In some vehicles, the seating arrangements and seat numbers are different from the Company chart. Under such circumstances, the seats in the buses are given as per the seating arrangements of the office and passengers should note it.


J) Humble appeal to LTC beneficaries of Centre/State Govt employees:

1) The travel, food and accommodation charges are included in the fare per seat. Only buses through GMVN/ITDC give fare receipt for Central/State Govt. employees taking benefit of LTC.

2) Central/State Govt. employees taking benefit of LTC and who wish to get GMVN/ITDC travel certificate  and ticket, they should clearly mention it while applying at the Nashik corporate office for seat number.

3) Central/State Govt. employees, who wish to get GMVN/ITDC or other state tourism development corporation ticket will have to give 10 percent additional charges on the GMVN/ITDC ticket for administrative costs.

4) If there are less seat booking in any ITDC journey, the Company will not give GMVN/ITDC ticket or certificate. &&&However such passengers will get back the additional 10 percent charges, which were not taken and further three times the 10 percent which means 30 percent of the total ticket fare of GMVN/ITDC ticket will be given to the passenger as compensation. &&&

5)  As MTDC belongs to Maharashtra Govt., Gadwal Mandal Vikas Nigan Ltd. (A Tourism Corporation of Uttaranchal Govt.) of Uttaranchal Govt., similarly ITDC belongs to the Bharat Sarkar. Hence if any LTC journey is undertaken through any Govt corporation, it is considered to be journey under Govt. scheme, which has been directed clearly by the Govt. of India personnel dept.

Hence queries arise like - Do LTC travel tickets and receipts for all Govt departments work in your office? Are there any difficulties in your office accepting our department's GMVN/ITDC travel ticket/receipt?  To remove all such doubts or to get clarifications, the travellers should ask before applying. The company will consider that all doubts have been clarified. No complaints will be entertained after the journey is completed.


K) Rules for passengers of train journeys.

1) The Company's journeys through railways are always through non AC Second Class compartments. As per the Railways Ministry regulations, the reservation bookings begin 120 days before or less or more days. Hence passengers wanting to travel should book reservations early so that they will be able to easily get a confirmed berth. The Company gives confirmed berth tickets to its passengers in the per seat fare. Please take note that in special circumstances, journey may possibly have to be completed on RAC/waiting ticket. Also as per railway reservation confirmation, the railway journey may be late or early as per circumstances. Oral notifications about this will be given a day earlier and all passengers will have to comply with it.

2) If any passengers wishes to travel by AC coach or flight instead of Second Class Sleeper Coach, the information will have to be clearly mentioned in the application and the difference in fare will have to be paid at the time of booking. If the AC bogie or flight ticket is not available, the passenger will have to travel by Second Class Sleeper Coach. If the passengers themselves take out AC railway/flight tickets to reach the first destination of the journey, the non AC Second Class Sleeper Coach fare will be deducted from the journey fare per seat. However, if the passenger reach the first destination on time and is not able to complete the siteseeing/darshan, the Company will not be responsible.

3) The railway travel on any journey from Mumbai/Aurangabad/Pune/Nashik Road/Manmad/Bhusawal/Nagpur/Solapur/Baroda/Surat/Ahmedabad/Indore etc. begins from the railway station. The railway travel could be in a single train from the first destination till the final destination or could be in stages through different trains. If the railway travel in in two stages, the passengers will have to bear the local cost of going/coming to reach from one station to another. It will be mandatory for the passengers to travel by trains as per the applicable railway rules.

4) The Company does not arrange for tea, food or snacks during railway travel and the passengers themselves have to bear the cost. Also if the concerned train/flight is late, the passengers will have to wait in the waiting room or a proper place. For this, the Company does not arrange accommodation or food, tea and snacks. If the railway travel is through two different trains, the company only gives railway tickets to the passengers.

6) The Company's responsibility during train travel is limited to providing tickets. As the Company does not provide any other services during railway travel, it is not necessary that the company person will accompany the passengers. The passengers will themselves have to bear the cost of coolie/hamal during travel or at railway platforms.

7) While going towards the destination the Company will give the railway ticket to the passengers and the return ticket will be given before starting the return journey. However, it is incumbant upon the passengers to reach the railway station in time and at their own cost. If the passengers fail to reach the railway station in time or the train leaves the station, the Company will not refund any ticket cancellation amount or the entire journey amount. The Company's responsibility is only of giving railway tickets. While going on the journey and after reaching the destination, the passengers will have to bear the cost of reaching the arranged accommodation from the railway station by any vehicle. Similarly, the passengers will have to bear the cost of going to their homes by vehicles from the railway station after completing the journey.

8) Sometimes the train arrives at a different playform than the scheduled platform. It will be the responsibility of the passengers to immediately rush to the another platform and arrange coolies/hamals at their own cost.

9) If the passengers sustain physical injuries or financial losses, it will be solely their responsibility and not that of the Company.

10) Before beginning any journey, especially railway journey, the passengers should enquire about about the journey date, timings, train number, railway station name etc during the time of booking or come to the booking office three days earlier and ask.

11) The Company makes arrangements for those passengers, who wish to take a flight instead of train but they should give written intimation and pay the difference in fare at the time of booking. The passengers will have to bear the cost of tickets and cost of travelling to the airport and from the airport till the arranged accommodation.


L) Other General regulations and conditions of the Company

1) The journey starts exactly as announced in the information booklet and the date announced by the Company. If any journey in India is cancelled due to low seats, the Company will compensate the booked passengers by refunding them five times their amount paid for the journey. So far the scheduled journeys have been rescheduled by one or two days but by the Grace of the Almighty, no Company journey has been cancelled yet. However, if there are less seats, the seat numbers change, vehicle type changes, seating arrangement changes. It is mandatory for the passengers to sit on changed seats in a less capacity vehicle. If any passenger refuses due to this reason, the passenger's journey is cancelled as per the cancellation policy of the Company. It is not necessarily that the Company's journey has cancelled, if a passenger cancels their journey.

2) If the railway berth is not confirmed or ITDC ticket is not possible and so if the passenger wishes to cancel the journey, they will not get any type of compensation and the cancellation will be as per the Cancellation Rules.

3) Rules Nos. 1 and 2 are not applicable to foreign tours. If there are less seats for a foreign tour and the scheduled journey is cancelled by the Company, the passengers will get refund of their booking amount with deductions of the Company's administrative expenses. They will not get five times their amount.

5) For a fun filled and peaceful journey, passengers should bring along only essential items uptill 15 kg prominently beedsheet, chhadar, carpet, water bag, torch, nylon rope, small lock, 9 inches bucket, daily wear dresses, necessary medicines etc. If the luggage weight is higher than this amount, extra luggage charges decided by the tour manager will have to be paid. Passengers should not bring along gold ornaments, valuable goods or large amount of cash. Passengers will have to look after their luggage themselves. It will not be the responsibility of the Company or journey management to care for the passengers' luggage. If any luggage is stolen, the passengers themselves will be responsible, take note. It will be the responsibility of the passengers for losses to life or finances. If the passengers cause any damages to the Company buses or place of accommodation, the journey organisers will declare the compensation, and the passengers will have to pay the amount at that place at the rate decided.

6) The amount for reserving/booking the journey will be 35 percent of the total amount and will have to be paid only through cheque or DD on any nationalised bank payable to Choudhary Yatra Company Pvt. Ltd., Nashik. The remaining amount if in cash will have to be paid 11 days before the commencement of the journey or 21 days before the journey if by cheque after which the seat number will be confirmed. If less amount is given during booking, the railway ticket will be confirmed only after the total 35 percent amount is paid. While paying any amount in any authorised branch of the Company, the passengers should only accept receipts with numbers. The Company will not be responsible for any other amount other than given on the authorised receipt. Passengers should only pay through DD or cheque. The Company gives priority to cash/cheque/DD/RTGS/NFT/Paytm. Passengers should only accept documents if the SRA or receipt has the Corporate office (Nashik) computerised code. It will be mandatory for the passengers that the booking will be considered valid only after the computerised code. During the journey, it is necessary for the passengers to keep on their person journey seat reservation form, recepts for amounts paid and all original documents of booking or they will not be allowed to participate the journey. The passengers will have to mandatorily produce the documents during the journey, if asked by the Company official/employees.

7) It is necessary to produce the birth certificate of a child below 11 years at the time of seat booking. During the journey it is mandatory for passengers to keep self photos and original Govt. documents/identification with photos showing age because of compulsory checking during bus, railway or flights. The photo identification with age will be required while visiting Central and state Govt, railway, flight, local bodies sites or at the place of accommodation. If the photo identification is not made available, the passengers themselves will be responsible for the ensuing mental and physical harassment and resulting fines.

8) Other than railway/flight/ship journey, the per seat fare includes one time Maharashtrian food, Gujarati food and Rajasthani food, breakfast and tea from the first site till the last during bus travel and includes plate - glass, mattress and common accommodation. The Company arranges Upvas (fast) arrangements only on Thursday, Chaturthi, Ekadashi. If there are less seats, the passengers are provided food at local hotels. During the journey, the passengers have to make use of local water arrangements. If it causes any issues or affects the passengers, the Company will not be responsible. If the passengers do not like local water they should buy mineral water at their own cost. From the morning of the second day of the journey or from the first darshan site till the last site, the Company arranges lodging-boarding facilities. The Company does not arrange for food during railway/flight/ship and the passengers have to bear the cost.

9) The passengers should always enjoy their journey. For this the Company always strives that the journey should be happy but happiness and difficulties are two sides of the same coin. The passengers should bear this in mind, accept some small difficulties and cooperate the  journey management.

10) If any planned journey is not possible due to natural/unnatural reasons, the amount is not refunded but the passengers are transferred in a similar journey later. Under special circumstances, if there are any changes in scheduled site or in fares, it will be mandatory for the passengers to accept it.

11) For passengers, who have booked as per the earlier information booklet, the clause 29B (dated 1 October 2022 to March 2022) pertaining to journey number, journey per seat fare, days, changes in sites, facilities will be mandatory.


 (*All rules and conditions of the Company applicable)